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Debra Gordon is a born and raised Bostonian native shaped by the love of nature, art and exploring for antiques. After relocating to North Carolina, Debra continued to explore art, inevitably falling in love with jewelry making and metalsmithing. She now lives in a small mountain community in North Carolina working out of a home studio and spending her free time hiking in the wilderness. Working on the "hobby" farm and spending time with family and friends. Debra is inspired by nature and the mountains, local folk art, mysticism, natural beauty and the mysteries of old. Demoriam Jewellery is owned and operated solely by Debra with the occasional help from friends and loved ones. All jewelry is created with great care and attention to detail. All pieces are cast and fabricated in sterling silver or bronze and set with high quality natural stones. Demoriam Jewellery was founded in August 2008 and continues to grow.



Vivere Disce, Cogita Mori
(Learn to live, remember death)

These pieces are inspired by Victorian Spiritualism + Memento Mori. Using cast skulls claws and teeth, found objects, religious elements, antique and vintage items. Delivering pieces that are familiar yet remarkably unique. Jewelry that has a touch of elegant macabre. I started this collection for women who were not afraid to wear something a little more edgy and unconventional.

Pieces inspired by Victorian Fashion of the 1880s. Assemblage One-of-a-kind jewelry made with vintage and antique components. Jewelry designs using a variety of mixed media techniques and re-purposed vintage elements that I've found in my searches through flea markets, antique stores, estate sales and the like.

Sacred adornments. Shaman, Wicca and Tribal pieces that are created for ceremony and spiritual practices. Made with uplifting and protective energy. Also found in this collection is distinctive pieces that embody the spirit, quality and artistry of the American Southwest. Design components include custom Sterling and Copper Pendants, Beads and Cones; Turquoise from Nevada, Arizona & New Mexico mines; and other semiprecious Stones from around the globe.

Wabi Sabi inspired from nature and gemstone and sterling silver jewelry.

I smudge almost daily with sage, copal, or palo santo which helps create a beautiful energy in the studio, which to work in. If you have any questions about my work, please feel free to contact me.

Kindly allow me a 24 hrs for a response to your email. I am eternally grateful to have the opportunity of sharing my creations to my wonderful customers. Some who became collectors. I am grateful to have them support me and my work.


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